Wearable Resistance

We have decided to fight the power with hand crafted t-shirts, prints and vinyl decals as statements and conversation starters. We encourage and strive for free speech, personal autonomy and collective liberation. We try to say the things others wont.

As part of our mission to bring radical prints and decals to the world, we also want to be able to help activists gain visibility for themselves and their causes. Does your cause need a t-shirt? Would vinyl stickers help to amplify your messages? To that end, we will take a portion of all proceeds from our shop to help us make starter packs of t-shirts and decals for activists and their missions. We also will offer selected t-shirts where we will donate a fixed amount per shirt to a specific activist or group.

We currently include a #BlackLivesMatter decal free in every order to help spread the message of the Movement and to show our support. Please help us out and stick it somewhere it will get attention. If you would like a few extra decals feel free to message us with your order.

We support campaign of boycotts, divestment and sanctions (BDS) against Israel due to policies violating Palestinian human rights & international law. As such, We participate in a consumer boycott of Israeli companies, goods and services or of international companies involved in Israeli policies of apartheid and occupation in the West Bank as well as the siege of Gaza. The Palestinian People deserve their right to Freedom & autonomy and as such, we may be banned certain jurisdictions & locations for our support and participation in the BDS Movement.

How can we help? Let us know...

Also if you would like to do some culture jamming or any other shenanigans with us, please reach out.

If you would like us to work with you or your group please contact us at ProxyProphet [!at] yahoo.com

You can also check us out at ProxyProphet.co

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